Desi McAdam


Desi McAdam is a principal consultant at Hashrocket. In her 10 years in the software industry she has combined her natual abilities in communication and client interaction along with Agile development practices to deliver successful projects and client happiness. Her strength is a driving determination to understand the people and domain of each project. She has a knack for big picture thinking and the ability to drill down to develop solid workable ideas through story carding sessions. You will frequently find her at workshops focused on using effective communication, efficient story card development, and successful product release. At the end of the day she will go to the mat to build the right solution even if it means making her clients Get Real.

Company: Hashrocket, Inc.

Presentations at BizConf

  • Pivotal Tracker Bootcamp

    Thursday, August 05, 2010 at 10:00 AM

    Learn how to use this revolutionary new tool, which is the foundation for successful Agile practices at Hashrocket, Pivotal Labs and many other leading software shops around the world. Desi is Hashrocket’s leading “storycarder”, meaning she excels at doing technical analysis of client requirements and acceptance criteria and putting that data into story form (into Pivotal Tracker.)

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